YASMINE SAILING, liveaboard sailing instruction in Malta and La Gomera, Canary Islands, charters and delivery crews

Yasmine Sailing. Tenerife, Canary Islands, and Malta                                         

Sailing training in Tenerife, liveaboard sailing instruction, student practical sessions and open-water experience, yacht charters and delivery crews, general charters and liveaboard island tours, scuba diving assistance offered... 

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At Yasmine Sailing we concentrate on the practical side of sailing, a hands-on approach to learning the ropes. We operate out of Tenerife and Malta, and out of the picturesque San Sebastian on the sunny Canary Isle of La Gomera, south of Tenerife.

Our location in the Canary Isles means that we enjoy year-round sunshine and ideal sailing conditions. Life on the ocean wave is comfortable for our students, and we operate some of the most comfortable yachts available.



Yasmine Sailing is owned and run by Gareth Thomas, an instructor with many years of sailing experience and a great love of being on the water.

Gareth shares his knowledge and expertise of sailing with an enthusiastic crew that are always ready to assist our students.


We understand that skills don’t always come quickly or easily, but with patience the rewards are worth striving for. Sailing is a skill which, once learnt, is with you for the rest of your life, a great hobby or pastime for all ages.

Gozo, Malta, is a half-day sail from Valletta. Other places of interest on Malta may be St. Julians for its nightlife or St. Pauls for its promenade, Silema for the shops, Gold Sands for the beach.


Yasmine Sailing is a small school, with a carefully selected team of highly qualified skippers, all of whom aim to have fun afloat whilst teaching our students all the necessary skills.

But our approach to the teaching of sailing skills is both practical and fun, allowing our students to enjoy the thrill of sailing, whilst being secure in the knowledge that you are being well looked after and kept safe.


Malta and the Canary Isles are still relatively unknown when it comes to sailing, and both are challenging in their own ways, the conditions varied from one day to the next. This adds up to the team being a group of very experienced sailors, an ideal crew for both teaching - as well as delivering yachts in almost any conditions.






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